Singapore has been called a playground for the wealthy, and it is true that the little city-state does have a certain gloss of riches. But Singapore has more to offer than just upscale shopping centers, five-star hotels, and exquisite restaurants (although it's worth treating yourself a little to them if you can). Discovering this slightly futuristic city's vibrant history, many ethnic neighborhoods, numerous family-friendly attractions, and beautiful public areas is worthwhile.

Singapore has an excellent public transit system that makes traveling throughout the city simple and convenient. You won't have any trouble moving quickly between areas of the city after you've developed a sense of the metro map. There are signs in English and English is the language that is spoken everywhere. In Southeast Asia, Singapore is among the most convenient and easy-to-travel-through nations. You can find cheap flights from the UK to Singapore here, and your stay will be enjoyable with us.

Read our list of the top attractions & amazing Places in Singapore for suggestions on what to do and see:

Marina Bay Stands: 

The sumptuous Marina Bay Sands resort complex has a high-end luxury hotel, a shopping center with a canal flowing through it, the Art Science Museum, and the Marina Bay Sands Skypark Observation Deck, which offers a view of the entire city. The viewing deck and infinity pool for the Skypark are located in the ship (yes, you read the right word - ship) perched atop the hotel. The observation deck is open to the public; however, the infinity pool is only accessible to hotel guests. Visitors can purchase souvenirs from the gift shop while they're up there on top of the city, where they can also get a snack or coffee.

Singapore Zoo: 

A extremely impressive institution, the Singapore Zoo bills itself as the best rainforest zoo in the world. The facility is pristine and pleasant, and the quantity of lush vegetation and habitat space gives the impression that the animals have received superb care. For a unique and personal wildlife encounter, check out the Singapore Zoo's Breakfast with the Orangutans program. This convenient tour includes transportation to and from your lodging, a half-day of zoo discovery, and an additional choice for breakfast with the zoo's famed orangutans.

Orchard Road: 

Singapore is a world-class city for style and designer flair, so it would be understandable if someone visited and did nothing but buy. High-end shops can be found everywhere, making the Orchard Road neighborhood a perfect site to start a shopping expedition. If you get hungry after spending all that money, there are many restaurants nearby that serve international food.

Singapore Flyer: 

Try enjoying high tea while gazing out over the city from the Singapore Flyer, the largest giant observation wheel in the world, if the observation deck at the Marina Bay Sands isn't quite cutting it for you. Choose from a variety of packages to be served and pampered while taking in views of not only the Singapore skyline but also the Straits of Johor in Malaysia and the Spice Islands in Indonesia. Each of the several ticket options offered allows entry to the multimedia Journey of Dreams exhibit, which explores Singapore's history and the creation of the Singapore Flyer. You can select the perspective of the city you want to see because flights last 30 minutes and operate from early morning until late at night.


If you've ever been to China, Singapore's Chinatown neighborhood will instantly take you there. There is a lot going on in this neighborhood, from the charming red lanterns to the authentic Chinese eateries and small mom-and-pop shops. The majestic and lovely Sri Mariamman Hindu temple is located in the Chinese Heritage Center the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple is an additional temple well worth visiting. If you awaken early enough, you can hear the morning drum ceremony (4 am, for example). You might also just stay for the evening's closing ceremony after viewing the relic. To help tourists appreciate the importance of the area, heritage signs have been placed throughout the neighborhood in English, Japanese, and simplified Chinese.

National Gallery Singapore: 

The National Gallery, houses Southeast Asia's greatest collection of modern art, with a strong emphasis on local and Asian artists' creations going back to the 19th century. The 9,000+ works of art are dispersed among two structures—City Hall and the former Supreme Court—covering more than 64,000 square meters. The gallery provides free tours in both Mandarin and English, as well as lectures, special events, and performances for both adults and children. Mandarin. Also, the gallery presents transient exhibits on distinctive subjects such as Chinese calligraphy, current photography, and Vietnamese lacquer work.

So, if you plan to visit Singapore in 2023, never think twice as the fun and entertainment are not limited to the abovementioned destination as it has much more for you and your family.